As you may know, I am interested in treating  PANS/Pandas naturally with homeopathy.  I have seen many, many cases over the last year.


Often parents come to me after trying some functional/naturopathic approaches that failed to give lasting results.  Or the treatment plateaued at a certain level.


To understand why homeopathy offers a different solution, we need to look at how homeopathy works and how it is entirely different from other modalities.

Homeopathy works on a different level.


Allopathic medicine, like steroids and antibiotics, works by removing the symptoms but does not treat the root cause.  You can say it suppresses the symptoms; by doing so, the symptoms may come back in the same form or on a deeper chronic level.

Supplements work on a cellular level and can bring relief while taking the supplement.  Often when the supplements are stopped, the symptoms may return.  In other cases, there are usually only partial improvements, and then the gains stop.

Homeopathy offers a different perspective on treating PANS/Pandas naturally.


Homeopathically we do not treat a label/illness; we treat the person and how they experience their dis-ease.  This means there is no one size fits all approach.  Each child will experience their OCD, rage and so on different from the next child and in this uniqueness lies the secret to homeopathy.  Bringing the child back in balance, the symptoms often fade or disappear.


The aetiology for each case will be different too.  Sometimes there would be an evident event that sparked the behaviour change, in other cases, it can be trickier, as it might have been a slower onset.  The trigger may be mental/emotional, or physical, and all avenues need to be explored.


By addressing the unique aetiology and supporting the child with remedies selected on how they experience their symptoms, the child becomes more resilient and can adapt easier to situations and life.  This offers a more permanent solution,  as once the balance is restored, there is no need for remedies.

Treating the PANS/Pandas naturally by treating the person rather than the label.